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2023 School Bus Safety Poster Contest winners announced for grades 1-6

2023 School Bus Safety Poster Contest winners announced for grades 1-6

For this year’s School Safety Poster Contest, scholars from Osseo Area Schools were charged with designing a poster featuring the phrase “safely rolling to my destination." They delivered an impressive array of posters to choose from. This year’s winners include: 

First grade winners

First place – Maya Voss – Rush Creek Elementary

Second place – Sadie Nelson – Elm Creek Elementary

Third place – Precious Omenya – Rush Creek Elementary


Second grade winners

First place – Harrison Gross – Rush Creek Elementary

Second place – Nityapushta Vignesh – Rush Creek Elementary

Third place – Krish Vijaykarthik – Rush Creek Elementary


Third grade winners

First place – Henley Raak – Rush Creek Elementary

Second place – Whitney Kranz – Ele Creek Elementary

Third place – Charlotte Lee – Weaver Lake Elementary


Fourth grade winners

First place – Cole Turnquist – Weaver Lake Elementary

Second place – Bodee Rebischke – Cedar Island Elementary

Third place - Chioma Osakwe – Weaver Lake Elementary


Fifth grade winners

First place – Ariana Sher – Basswood Elementary

Second place – Andy Vue – Fernbrook Elementary

Third place – Imikan Bassey – Rush Creek Elementary


Sixth grade winners

First place – McKenna Ueland – MGMS

Second place – Jia Saddiq – BMS

Third place – Nolani Yang - BMS